Effective Debt Recovery That Increase Income, While Protecting Patient Relationships

We understand that many of your patients are dealing with issues and life changes bigger than just a medical bill. Our representatives know how to listen, and they know how to work with patients and families to set up payment plans that bring in more money without creating ill will.

This is more important than ever to your institution or practice. HRG representatives have the training and unique skills to make sure your brand is protected as your revenue increases.

We set up and initiate collection activity within 48 hours of receiving accounts. Time is of the essence when dealing with delinquent receivables. We also utilize prescribed due diligence standards to ensure all accounts are worked appropriately. We pair these high work standards with advanced technology such as:

  • Predictive dialing
  • Unattended messaging
  • Call blending
  • Automatic caller identification
  • Electronic skip tracing
  • Call recording

All of these features help guarantee that your accounts are worked effectively and contribute to our recovery success.

We also provide detailed management reports that allow you track your accounts and make comparisons regarding the quality and effectiveness of our service. We understand and accept the accountability of being your business partner and want you to have the tools to intelligently manage your accounts receivable and our performance.

We are a member of ACA International, the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals, and are bonded and licensed, as required, in all states where we conduct business.