Our custom approach benefits a wide spectrum of organizations—large and small:

Following are a few examples of the success HRG has had for its clients. Our customized approach for each account—and our staff’s solid industry experience—produces strong bottom-line results.

CASE STUDY #1 | Liquidated Patient Account Inventory In Excess of $100 Million

Health System in NC (7 facilities – 2,300 total beds)

Healthcare Receivables Group was initially contracted by this health system to perform a six-month consulting engagement that involved transitioning a system-owned receivables management firm. Healthcare Receivables Group successfully transitioned employees to other positions in the organization while liquidating an inventory of patient accounts in excess of $100 million. In 2004, Healthcare Receivables Group also implemented an A/R management process to monitor 6,000 accounts with patients making installment payments of principal and interest.

CASE STUDY #2 | Over $10 Million In Six Months

425 Bed Medical Center in Michigan

Healthcare Receivables Group was recommended to this facility based on previous work at another affiliated hospital. Healthcare Receivables Group’s account portfolio consisted of aged third-party accounts. Our insurance specialists formed a task force to attack the aged accounts through an approach of working accounts on the client’s host system. Accounts were re-billed, followed-up and concluded in a timely manner, resulting in an overall reconciliation process that contributed in excess of $10,000,000 to the Medical Center in 6 months.

CASE STUDY #3 | Less Than 90 Days For Startup

Health System in TN (4 facilities – 850 total beds)

Healthcare Receivables Group was initially contracted with this Health System to transition a hospital-owned physician CBO. Healthcare Receivables Group liquidated active third-party and self-pay physician accounts over a 12-month period. After the initial project, Healthcare Receivables Group began working hospital self-pay accounts less than 90 days from date of service in our Extended Business Office. Our ongoing service also includes Payment Monitoring of active A/R for two hospitals in the health system.

CASE STUDY #4 | 80% Increase In Cash

450 Bed Hospital in KY

Healthcare Receivables Group devised a work plan for this client that incorporated managing self-pay accounts at day 45. After the initial 12 months of the project, cash had increased 80% over prior internal efforts. After an evaluation of the project’s impact, the scope of work was revised to include accounts assigned at time of discharge. As a result, cash increased three (3) times higher than the previous levels and hospital resources have been diverted to other areas of the revenue cycle, which has added to the efficiencies of the business office staff.

CASE STUDY #5 | 250% More Collections

Health System in MS (6 facilities + rural health clinics and physician groups)

This health system faced the challenge of centralizing operations for 6 facilities utilizing 4 separate hospital information systems. Partnering with Healthcare Receivables Group, self-pay accounts were outsourced, and the issue of multiple systems and accounts were incorporated into the work plan for the project. Cash collections have averaged 250% more than previous in-house efforts. Results from the project have added nearly $7,000,000 in annual cash collections to the health system.

CASE STUDY #6 | Cleaned Up Specific Aged A/R

182 Bed Hospital in TN

Healthcare Receivables Group was consulted when this hospital launched an initiative to concentrate on some specific aged A/R. Healthcare Receivables Group established a plan aimed at “cleaning up” the targeted self-pay receivables. After reviewing options, Healthcare Receivables Group recommended an “audit letter” be implemented in conjunction with a 120-day work plan to accelerate their cash. Healthcare Receivables Group converted nearly 20% of the total A/R to cash during the first 30 days of the project.

CASE STUDY #7 | Recovered Over $7 Million When A/R Should Have Been Increasing

242 Bed Hospital in NC

Healthcare Receivables Group was retained 1 month before the hospital converted hospital information systems. Healthcare Receivables Group implemented a plan, through a combination of on-site work and our Extended Business Office staff, to increase cash collections. Prior to the project, the hospital averaged $150,000 a month in self-pay collections. The third month of the project, Healthcare Receivables Group recovered $740,000. The first 12 months of the project resulted in gross recoveries of $7,000,000. This occurred in a period that would have normally involved an increase in A/R due to their system conversion.

CASE STUDY #8 | Increased Cash Flow During Business Office Integration

Health System in TN (7 facilities – 1,500 total beds in system)

This Health System combined business office operations for two hospitals, creating a backlog of accounts. While the business office staff concentrated on current business, Healthcare Receivables Group placed staff on-site to resolve older third-party accounts and maximize cash recovery during the interim period. Healthcare Receivables Group was instrumental in increasing cash and managing the self-pay accounts while the Health System successfully integrated the two business offices. Two years later, Healthcare Receivables Group began a new outsourcing project that served as a beta project that was expanded system-wide.

CASE STUDY #9 | Services Increased From Collections to EBO

140 Bed Hospital in GA

Healthcare Receivables Group evaluated the A/R needs of this hospital and initially implemented a plan to manage an inventory of Payment Arrangement accounts. Our relationship expanded to a self-pay EBO Program as part of an overall strategy to manage A/R when the hospital converted to a new hospital information system. RMB currently provides A/R assistance by managing self pay accounts, balance after insurance accounts, and patient payment arrangement accounts.

CASE STUDY #10 | 25% Higher Liquidation Rates

80 Physician Orthopedic Clinic in TN

Healthcare Receivables Group’s Extended Business Office staff works active third-party and self-pay accounts remotely on the client’s system. Healthcare Receivables Group has maintained a monthly liquidation rate that is 25% greater than the highest internal recovery rates ever achieved by the clinic. Healthcare Receivables Group has twice been awarded additional portions of active A/R based on our percentage increases over internal recoveries.

CASE STUDY #11 | Monthly Liquidation Percentage in Excess of 85%

140 physician group in TN

Since 1998, Healthcare Receivables Group has managed the entire 60+ day self-pay financial class of this provider. Our Extended Business Office staff works directly from the client’s system, providing real time updates. During the life of the project, Healthcare Receivables Group has maintained a monthly liquidation percentage in excess of 85% of charges placed.