We make a critical impact on your bottom line.

Healthcare Receivables Group specializes in helping hospitals and physicians groups effectively manage Accounts Receivable and cash flow. We work with your in-house staff to create and implement the customized systems and reporting needed to bring in the most revenue—particularly from slow or delinquent accounts.

Our Experience Counts

We provide a variety of financial management services tailored to the health care industry. We have years of experience in solving healthcare-related A/R issues, and we develop custom programs and software solutions that let you maximize your revenue generation and better understand your business cash flow.

Skilled & Caring People

HRG team members are highly skilled representatives who work with your patients to successfully collect payments from old or delinquent accounts without damaging your reputation with overly aggressive tactics.

We subscribe to a detailed training and certification process which ensures that we balance collection results with potential patient complaints – recognizing our work affects your reputation as well as ours.

Time Is of the Essence

We initiate collection activity within 24 hours of receiving accounts. Time is of the essence when dealing with receivables.

We believe that collection success comes from fundamental elements such as timely and persistent account follow up, consistent work efforts (due diligence), and a constant focus on producing results.